FRED SCHULTZ for the Takoma Park City Council, Ward 6

Special 2013 Election Edition . . .Stay tuned for additional updates!

Fred Schultz Ward 6
First, let's WELCOME the residents of a neighborhood that's become part of Ward 6. Due to redistricting caused by the US Census, residents at 27 addresses will be voting as part of Ward 6 for the first time.

 The area lies east of New Hampshire Ave between East-West Highway and Myrtle Ave. It includes homes on Larch, Kentland and Hopewell Avenues and a few addresses on East-West Hwy. Click here for more information and to see the new ward map.

Learn the Who, What and Where of the November 5 Election

A lot of changes in the City’s election and voter registration take effect with this election. Read the details here.

Why Am I Running for Election?

I am running again this year because there is still much that is unfinished and much that I want to do. We have accomplished a lot in the past few years.

What Lies Ahead?

But, there are some very large issues looming over the City as a whole, as well as our ward. Some hold promise and some are worrisome. These include Municipal Tax Duplication and the Washington Adventist Hospital’s plans to relocate. Click here to see where I stand on issues.

In 2009 when I first ran for office, some Ward 6 residents described us as “the forgotten ward” and said we were being overlooked by the City. I don’t hear those words anymore. In fact, our ward has probably seen more change and improvements than any other part of the city.

Looking ahead, we all realize a lot more changes are coming. These include the Purple Line (still not a definite); the Bus Transit Center (in the works); the NH Ave Multi-way Boulevard Concept Plan (in the future); the Ethan Allen Gateway project (in final engineering); Bus Rapid Transit corridor (a Montgomery County idea); and eventual redevelopment in the Crossroads area. Click here to learn more about these projects and other issues.

This means it’s really important that (1) you have an experienced, skilled representative on the City Council and (2) you stay tuned in, stay involved and voice your opinions vigorously and often.