I have served on the Takoma Park City Council since 2009.

Fred Schultz Ward 6 4th of July 2013
The opportunity to run for office came after I had retired from banking and it offered the chance to apply skills I’d accumulated over a 40-year career.

My formal education includes a B.A. degree from Duke University and Masters in Regional Planning from Cornell University’s School of City and Regional Planning.

I attended (mostly) public schools in Baltimore and Atlanta.

My career seems, in retrospect, to have ricocheted between local government service and work in the private sector. In hindsight, this gave me a practical understanding of how things get done in our society in the world of free enterprise, in local and state government and in grassroots organizations. 

I worked for the State of New Jersey in the planning office, for the City of Baltimore as a community planner in inner-city neighborhoods and in Arlington County, VA developing small business assistance programs and managing its public/private partnerships.

 In between, I worked in real estate development (adaptive reuse), started a business providing tax preparation and bookkeeping services, and finally devoted fifteen years making commercial loans to small businesses, including SBA and micro-enterprise loans.

 Today I provide financing consulting services to business owners who need loans and banks that make loans (Frederick Schultz and Associates, LLC).

 Not the least important, I also learned what it is like to stand in unemployment lines wondering where my next job would be.

 I have led and volunteered for a number of community organizations. Locally I served on the Purple Line Master Plan Advisory Group, which advised on the “preferred alternative” route and mode of transit. For four years I participated in the City’s Public Safety Citizens Advisory Committee before opting to run for election to the City Council.

 My wife Nancy and I (both of us hail from Baltimore) moved to Takoma Park in 1986. We have found no good reason to leave. Between us (as a stepfamily) we have raised six kids, have ten grandkids and two great grandkids. We’ve have loved a variety of dogs: currently our greyhound, Cleo.

Fred Schultz Ward 6 Cleo

 Personally, my interests are scattered. Topping the list is travel across the U.S. and abroad, including camping. The two of us mostly love to explore new places, but sooner or later we seem to find ourselves in the Big Apple. Family in France also draws us there regularly.