The Newly Expanded Ward 6

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Fred Schultz Ward 6 We are Takoma

Effective with the 2013 city election, the following properties become part of Ward 6, extending our ward further south on NH Ave and around the corner onto East-West Highway.

The new section includes:

  • Larch Avenue (#1006 to #1103)
  • Hopewell Avenue, all addresses
  • Kentland Avenue (both addresses)
  • East-West Highway, the 900 block (even numbers only) and #1000 and #1002
Also included are many businesses starting from La Chiquita restaurant on East-West Highway around the corner to Denchfield Roofing at Larch Avenue.  And, Grace United Methodist Church, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church as well as the associated Don Bosco Cristo Rey school.

No changes have occurred in the City’s boundary line!!

Residents will vote for the Ward 6 candidate(s) in the November 5 election. Previously, you voted for the Ward 2 ballot. The newly elected Council will be sworn in on November 18.Fred Schultz Ward 6 2013, Ward 6 Expansion

What does this mean to you?      

As your new council member, my goal is to meet each household and learn what your concerns and wishes are. I also want to establish good 2-way communications between you (including business owners) and me.

To get this started I hope to arrange a meeting open to everyone in your neighborhood where we can all get to know each other better and talk about how to organize yourselves to gain a more effective voice.

This will help me to do my job better and help you to learn what is going on the City and get more attention paid to your issues.

A simple fact of life: It is harder for the City government to respond to the concerns of a single individual, and it is much easier for the City to respond to a group who speak together.